Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Won't throw away my shot!

 Prepping to get my first vaccination. It's a nice long ride and a pretty day. Taking something to spend time with, but don't anticipate long lines. 

What is stranger than going for a purposeful long drive is the frame of mind I'm left in after a long day of focusing on Writing. Getting words on the page. Finding equal footing for each character. 

The shot was a piece of cake. Left my stitch bag in the car and was bored in the post-vac observation "lounge" which really could have used a bar and a piano player.
+2 hours. My lower back, ass, and
 legs ache. Two ibuprofen and back in the car, heated seat on high.

+20 hours. Mild headache, jacked-up tinnitus and the same body aches. I feel post rock concert but there was no show. This too shall pass. General Tso is on the way!


Liz A said...

so glad to hear you're on your way

Robbie said...

We got ours this a.m. In and out in 45 min. and I had to stay a few minutes extra because of allergic reactions I have to insect stings so just as a precaution they wanted me to wait and additional 15 min. Smoother process than going to our doctors! HA Good luck...hope you enjoyed the ride!

Carli The Quilter said...

Stitching will help pass the time of waiting.

Nancy said...

So glad you are "one down, one to go"!! J. got his, no problems at all. I'm in the next group perhaps. We'll see.