Friday, August 06, 2021

damasks on the dyedeck


Remember those damask napkins I scored?
It was going to be hot and sunny today and the weekend weather was not very promising so I decided to sacrifice a pool day and mixed colors right after coffee. 

Got all of those napkins tucked into the sauce to soften and soak, then hit the deck just around lunchtime. I lost count, thirty? The largest ones are 20x20, the rest just a little smaller. 

It's been some time since I worked the jellyroll blues with cloth like this. 

At the last moment, I picked them all off the table and dropped them to the deck to poach in the sun for the rest of the day. 

You can bet I'll have them in the washing machine before my coffee is perked tomorrow. No wet cloth porn, I'll hang them to dry because the dryer is not good for this cloth. Lint from Hell seems to happen.

 There might be some late-day ironing just to show off.


Liz A said...

this made me think of the moon shells on Folly Beach with all their colors unfurling in perfect coils

Nancy said...