Wednesday, August 04, 2021

new light in the studio

It's been a long time since I was comfortable scouting for cloth in person so I returned to ebay and got incredibly lucky. I bought the table cloth and a dozen matching monogrammed napkins. Kind seller tossed in another dozen because they had the same monogram! A few tiny rust marks here and there, but such Treasure!

Can someone explain why damask was never made into garments? What a fine winter robe this cloth would make. 

 With the Wild Island in front of the house gone, I'm getting  great late-day light in the studio even though the main window faces east; a perk of being in a hollow. Light bounces off everything higher than the house. I've ordered a long handled window cleaning thingy. So overdue!

Humble little scraps hop up and demand attention.


Liz A said...

a damask robe sounds like the ultimate luxury item ... and I'm imagining how one could seam the napkins onto the cloth to make kimono sleeves ... no cutting needed ... almost enough to send me to ebay to seek out my own robe-makings ... if only I wore robes and had no other projects needing attention ... ha! ... as if

I do believe I have the twin of that humble scrap ... I love how it speaks of tidal inlets ... btw, I did look to see how far you are from Folly Island ... 300 miles ... oh well

CF said...

I'm in the process of making a damask robe to fit over a very old silk Victoria's Secret robe, that now is the lining. I have a few of my mom's old damask table cloths, and one is too short for either of my tables. But, voila, it fits me just fine! If only we could buy damask off the bolt - and not that polyester stuff.

kathyd said...

my favorite cloth to work with .
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Deb Lacativa said...

It's not easy buying damask online. Many times I've skipped an item because the lighting and photos left me guessing. That polyester shine is a dead giveaway, tho.