Thursday, September 09, 2021

a finishing day

Almost a year since I bought it, I broke out this warhorse of a machine because I don't trust the Janome or the Featherweight to do the right thing by eight+ layers of  service weight linen. 

I rolled the hem on this cloth one-quarter inch and ran up both sides, the fabric itself is loomed only 24 inches wide.  Toweling maybe? I've got tons of the stuff so I warmed up with hemming a towel for the kitchen. 

Then I cut a piece of the same cloth to back the pillow I planned for "The Rose" lyrics piece. In haste, I didn't even pin the two sides together. Just put it under the needle and was careful not to feed my fingers into the fire. The 99K stitched through all that as if the cloth was butter. An amazing machine. 

I scored a pair of 20" feather pillows on the 'Zon. I should have left myself a little more wiggle room on the closure - getting the pillow inside was quite a battle. Hand stitching the seam closed felt like stitching up a body bag. "You ain't NEVER coming out of there." 

This morning I retrieved the overdyed thread from the deck where I let them seep into two of those linen towels. 

Sweetie decided they needed a little more warmth before hatching.

I'm putting orders together to ship on Friday. Cloth and thread.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

somehow VERY SATISFYING to read this....????
i have no need for such a machine, but is oddly
Pleasing to read here....

Deb Lacativa said...

The wonder of something so basic, so completely utilitarian! It's amazingly heavy. 30 pounds and that gorgeous bentwood cover with a clever little lock. So amazing to work with a vintage precision tool. Like your pencil sharpener.

It's crouched on the worktable right beside my faithful Janome, a warhorse in his own right. I can almost hear the conversation between them.
"She goes too fast," Janome says.
"No such thing," 99K mutters.

Joanne S said...

I've got to go look at my grandmother's machine in the Attic- see what model it is.
I know she sewed everything on it- even men's suits. Treadle. Not electric.

Goes too fast........laughing.

Unknown said...

Not sure what is more amazing .. the pillow or the machine.