Wednesday, September 15, 2021

not humpday


What a fine day yesterday was. Clear skies, warm sun, picnic with a live friend. A long overdue visit. Marked for a repeat soon. 

Today, a spell of grayness sets in. Perfect for some quiet cloth shuffling. List making. Music listening. Plotting.

I'm packing up orders to take to the post office tomorrow. Thursdays at 1:30 seems to be the magic hour there. Few cars outside, no lines. Staff back from lunch looking to get on with their day. In and out in five minutes has been the rule.

My co-pirate was here for a little bit on Sunday. As soon as he got home his other front baby tooth fell out. Here he is dreaming about the tooth fairy. Photo by his Dad. Tinkering with it by me. If I leaned toward painting, I'd make this one huge.


Joanne S said...

One of those apps that takes a photo and makes it look like a painting.
I can see this image on canvas on your wall. Like a sleeping Action Figure.

Liz A said...

how a boy might fly ...

Nancy said...

The total sleep abandon of youth!