Friday, December 03, 2021

From How High?

 I'm done trying to force this one. 

Compose in haste, repent in long hours of frustration and regret, 'cause you don't just gesso over or hit delete when it comes to hand stitching.

Again, the problem of scale when it comes to cloth and thread. Out of a need to just make something, I got sucked into the square inch dilemma, seeing only what was locked into the hoop. 

Outcome? A big mess that is about to become a very serviceable pillow. 

I've been doing the same thing with the writing. The big picture is not resolving by sketching elaborate  scenarios for the players. There's no end to that shit! I've always had diarrhea of the imagination. I'm having trouble finding the very necessary middle ground between being a plotter and a pantser. 

It's day eight of the kind of cold that pretty much leaves you alone once you get up and have some coffee. Then, come late afternoon, it blooms in your head like a noxious fungus leaking out of your eyes and nose. 

Sorry about that.


Liz A said...

gahhhh ... a pox on tunnel vision and plotting and colds ... may you rise above it all ... ha!

wordybird said...

i know when it comes to garment sewing, my (very southern) grandma always said not to cut out a new garment on a friday UNLESS you could finish the whole thing that same day. otherwise you are bound to have something go wrong. i found this out the hard way. i forgot the rule once when i was remaking a granny dress (remember those??) into a smock top (!) and cut out two sleeves just alike. i had forgotten to flip the pattern piece over for the second sleeve, and didn't have enough fabric to cut another sleeve. i called my grandma (500 miles and an expensive long distance call away) in tears. after she reminded me about THE RULE, she explained how to recut the sleeve and add a little piece under the arm where it would hardly show - with strict instructions to wait until saturday!

Deb Lacativa said...

I once cut with the fabric wrong side out. Did not venture too many garments.