Tuesday, September 06, 2022



I have a pretty severe case of it. 
After so many years of having my schedule dictated for me, reallocating those weekly forty hours is challenging and I'm not up to any challenges so there's been a lot of listless time-wasting.  

My grandmother would have made me clean the parakeet's cage with a toothbrush. While the vicious little bugger was in it. 

Knowing why is something, anyway.  I'm having another back procedure tomorrow and will see about some physical therapy that is NOT in a public pool. I'm having some annoying breathing issues that feel like long covid and the last thing I want to do is spend an hour in a chlorinated atmosphere. 

Thank you for this, Liz. It was in my stack of "I'm gonna be bookmark any day now".  It reminded me of something important beyond the obvious. 

When I'm writing into a brick wall and getting nowhere, a neat trick is to write a scene for another character. Up to now, I've neglected the ghosts, Hope and Sam. They have a lot to say and hands to play in the sequel I'm developing. 

This was a big outing for me on Saturday. We took books to the little free library in the park where I used to walk and write. I managed 1200 steps and Charlie couldn't resist a last swipe at summer silliness.

It's a good thing I have him to remind me of simple joys.


Liz A said...

I shared your post with Fiona at Deckled Edge Press ... her Paper Ponderings is a favorite https://paperponderings.blogspot.com/

and ennui ... such a perfect word in this end-of-summer heat (and I'm guessing you know the Michael Nesmith song Grand Ennui ... great lyrics)

Joanne S said...

I know.......it's been awhile since I stopped working. I miss the busy-ness of it.
The filling of time and space. It's taken me a few years to work around the absence of work......
Take your time. sort thru the containers........the pages, the ideas. Stick post it notes to things like the door----empty your pockets before bed.

Nancy said...

I think it is okay to be lazy and listless in your early days...or any days you want. You'll discover a way into a new pattern of being. Enjoy. Thank goodness for Charlie. :)