Thursday, September 29, 2022

Grateful to be missed


Once again I'm trying to make friends with the seed stitch.  This was just a little something to hold on to and fiddle with while listening to the storm news. 
I've already taken the snips to it once - the red patch was stitched to the wrong side of the purple base at first. 

Now that it's clear we won't miss a sunny day to Ian, I'm going to set it aside before I do any more damage. No heart in it. Saving that for the page.

I have a busy schedule coming up in October. Accepting invitations and obligations as they come without worrying about a work schedule is fun even if the first thing I do each morning is check to see what day of the week it is.

The beasts were acting up a little. Lots of murdering going on what with the chilly nights reminding them about stocking up for winter. I pull into the driveway and before I can turn the car off, Bailey jumps through the window for his afternoon portion of love. It's always nice to remember that they have no worries, just goals to be grabbed, moment to moment. 



Nancy said...

Glad this one skipped you!

Liz A said...

I remember the hurricane watches from our east coast days ... I worked in a library for about ten years where the library director would have us cover the book stacks with huge sheets of plastic whenever a hurricane threatened ... and then it would miss us (a good thing) and we'd have to take down all the plastic, folding it up for the next time

one year it seemed like we were putting it up and taking it down every other week ... the smell of plastic ... ugh ... and always I would think "if the wind is strong enough to break through the roof, what good is the plastic going to do?"

all that by way of saying I'm glad you have clear skies ...