Sunday, June 18, 2023

open heart


The shape is ubiquitous, but I never cared for the flat, two-dimensional version. The shape inside the stamped paper lace cut-outs. 

The engine of life is so much more complex. The actual, fist-shaped, meat version is unpretty. Brutal looking. 

I shouldn't have even started this one, but there's the nature of compulsion. 

Some over-use/abuse of my right shoulder (probably pool cleaning related) is causing a distracting level of pain in my right shoulder to fingertips. Stitching, even a few minutes at a time is suspended.

I can talk my keyboard through the motions of getting words on paper. There's that for now.

It's Father's Day. My sons learned from the best. 

1 comment:

Nancy said...

A day for thinking of, honoring your Jimmy. May his memory be a blessing. Love seeing the photos of him and his boys 💕