Thursday, June 15, 2023

Scrap refresh


I've been making up orders (bless you all) and felt that the scrap basket could use some pizzazz. 

Actually, the giant tote that I keep my personal stash in fell off the third closet shell while I was shoving things around looking for What Was It?

I went down the rabbit hole poking around in it. Some things still dazzled others made me wonder what I was thinking or smoking that day. 

I won't call it death cleaning. Just the realization that my "somedays" are much more likely to have been promised to other activities or people. Things that will give me a lot more satisfaction than completing another stitched Whatsis that will be lucky if it becomes a potholder or a placemat. 

There was a big stack of those in another tote. Stuff that's mostly finished. As in Now What?

At least a well-made quilt gets to be useful so I'm thinking that if one of those "somedays" turns up a little empty, I'm going to whip all of those little projects together with the sewing machine, break out that double-sized Warm&Natural batt that's been roosting on a high shelf, find or cobble together a backside and create something useful out of all that wishful thinking.
So, now there are bits and pieces of my cloth history going back ten, fifteen years in the scrap bin. 

I have a lot of commercial prints that I've hoarded, too, but didn't add them in. Quilt backs eventually, I guess.

Salem and Bailey doing their best to keep me indolent on a rainy day.  Yesterday, I got thirty minutes in the very cold pool doing cleanup work before the skies opened up. I would have stayed, but never with thunder.

And from Colin at the airport last night, this miracle. The weather flexed from nasty to glorious three times yesterday making the day seem eternal. It was disorienting. This sunset promised a beauty today, but I'll wait and see what the weather gods have up their sleeves.  
I could use a Sweetie or two.


Joanne S said...

Colin's photos are just so so spectacular.......having a crap day here and this image- well. not so crap now.

Nancy said...

WOW!!! What a photo!! Well done Colin 🙂
Dyed bits on one side...hoarded commercial prints on the other = two sides to love!