Thursday, February 22, 2024

fine focus



Carving out the internal shapes with color is intoxicating. The base is 40's era service weight linen. My name for it. Loomed at 27 inches wide. The thread count is tight. Mistakes will slap the eye so best to slow down and place the needle rather than stab with it. It's hard to resist the "punk, punk, punk". 

A drawing from my ancient history. In the inside cover of one of those little pink and black test prep books. Copied to tracing and graph paper and enlarged many times. Kept all these years and many iterations. 
It had to be my third year taking the course. The was something on the board, a bunch of lines and arrows. I was listening intently. My flare pen was on autopilot. 

 I believe the 66 I got on the final was a mercy grade. 

How have I not watched Vanilla Sky before now?


Liz A said...

the mercy grade ... I went into an organic chemistry final exam and walked out 15 minutes later ... left a note on it for the prof with words to the effect of "I simply don't understand any of this" ... it was my only F in college

Nancy said...

Deb~ Those tight lil colors telling the story of your beautiful.
I'm fascinated at the long keeping of this drawing.