Wednesday, February 21, 2024


I finished this today. All the lines anyway. Still thinking about what could or should be happening in the interior spaces. 

Or not. To keep up the point of the line, there may be some text. 

There is a disturbance in my force. Yesterday, three different shows or movies featured people in extremely tight spaces. Each time I had to look away within seconds and change the channel. Somehow I bit my tongue. 

Probably spared myself a lot of nonsense. Instead, I rewatched the Deadwood movie and got a masterclass in applying flashbacks. The Usual Suspects instructed pacing and dialogue. 

And rereading one of my own early chapters reminded me to Let It Fly. 

I'm really disappointed with True North. 

There is springtime cattitude around here.



Nancy said...

I'm thinking about the way these pieces begin and then easy-gong in feel, evolutions, movement...
I wonder how this one will grow. :)

Joanne S said...

I CANNOT watch anything with tight spaces..daughter says it's Past Life Stuff.
Makes me unhinged.