Sunday, February 11, 2024


Woke up from a false dawn dream. Usually, these are the best, but this one was complex, cinematic, and disorienting. A nightmare in disguise. 

I couldn't open my eyes. I stretched out my left hand and found Bailey's paw as an anchor. His solid, furred head then covered the back of my hand, and he heaved a sigh. 

A calm moved through me. Brought me back to the safety of the here and now. I don't wonder whether or not they know how their gestures affect us. I'm just glad of it.

I've struggled to find the right fabric to cobble into a few summer shifts. The last two were made from scraps of this cotton marked "Provence" on the selvage edges. 

Before the two long gowns, I made this 80x80 bedspread from the same cloth and backed it with one layer of muslin. Soft and warm enough for any AC-induced chill. 

When I moved back into the master suite, I went from a king-sized bed to a queen (a choice I still regret) and had to buy new bed linen. 

I was appalled at the cost of 100% cotton sheet sets so I bit the bullet and bought two sets advertised as "bamboo" for less than half the price of cotton. 

After a year, I've come around to preferring them to cotton. The fabric is soft, light, cool to the touch, and has held up to wear and laundering.  

The plan is to go back to the big box store, pick out a new set, and cut them up for making some skin flings. Knee length this time. 



Nancy said...

Oh yes, the dreams. Last night two sets, broken only by waking momentarily. Sheets sure aren't made the way they used to be. We've taken to the t-shirt variety. Comfortable and last well enough.

Liz A said...

I'm wondering what it's like to handstitch the bamboo sheets as my experience with cotton sheets is that they're a bitch to get a needle through

I dream of crisp cool cotton sheets of yesteryear ... nothing comes close these days, even when line-dried

Joanne S said...

I have only Cuddledown linen sheets - Italian if I can get them.
some are over twenty years old and are just as great as they were new.
I haven't purchased new sheets in decades.
And I have a wool mattress wonderful.

If only my clothing was as nice.

Deb Lacativa said...

Liz - those cotton sheets of yesteryore? brother just called to let me know he found yet another box of cloth goods he saved from an estate cleanout for me. 100% cotton, many marked Egyptian!