Monday, November 22, 2010

another and the stonewall

I found one more lurking on my work table the last one, biggest one.

Nothing else creative happened this weekend.  I continue to stitch on "Ocean Homes" but I'm at a stonewall place with my art right now wondering if I shouldn't start hacking some of the largest pieces into placemats and potholders.  There's no one to blame and I don't feel one way or the other about it all. I'm tired of the struggle and uninspired by working.

I've done little by way of promoting my work this past year, and when it's hard to get excited about making things, it's even less than interesting trying to market the results. I'm going to pick up the studio, take out the trash and let things lie for a while. Read, think things through and let time heal.


  1. I wonder if working at home is one of the blocks? What if you made up
    a ritual between 'work' and creative
    time? I know it got in the way when I worked from home and I had to do all sorts of stuff to separate the two parts of my life.

    Also, I do know what you mean about
    putting your results out there. I just decided not to try to sell anything but just put it out to GET it out of my studio and life so more ideas could come in.
    You'll find your way I know.

  2. You know i know that feeling and i'm there/here with whatever you need, be it chatty nonsense, silence or a shoulder to beat on.
    I won't say 'oh get on with it"--we know things foment and stew as they will and we can't force them.
    Hope your "sabbatical" is calm and satisfying in other ways, Babe.

  3. Better to be gentle with yourself than force things that seem like an effort right now. Just let the moment(s) be, and then by the hours or the subdued rote thinking, other things will come forth that are clear and accessible. Life has a way of crashing in or drifting out like the ocean. We only have to wait, it seems, and things will change and become something else.

  4. I know that feeling... I really don't spend much time marketing my Art/landscape quilts, 'cause I'm busy doing that with my tie-dye. Even that gets tiring at times, and I'm a true believer in taking some down-time to rejuvenate. The muse will let you know when it's time... meanwhile, enjoy the holidays, hybernate, rest and get ready to play some more!

  5. You are wise to recognize the need for a bit of down time and to create some space for the new to enter. And it WILL - all part of the cycle.


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