Thursday, November 04, 2010


What's tech-wiener speak for spilling a cup of sugary coffee into the keyboard?  I did it  while working the other night and had to quick swap out the keyboard from my main machine and pray it did.  On half recalled urban legend, I rinsed the coffee flavored one in the kitchen sink, and gave it overnight to dry out. Not quite enough.  I took the whole thing apart to see what was affected or still damp.  Very interesting what goes on under those keys. Swabbed everything with alcohol, gave it another 24 hours and it's back...well 99%. Who needs the 2 or 0 on the number keypad anyway?  
I need a better lamp at my workstation so I can actually see what I'm hand stitching. Appliqueing bits of rusted crochet cotton to cusspots is like putting decals on fly's wings. Now I notice the resemblance to those Mayan scribblings.

Meanwhile, I've finally committed to a design for this piece and have started to machine quilt it. So far, I'm not enthused. Somehow, by backing, batting and machine stitching this piece I've fell like I've killed it by eliminating it's potential as something of utility. The artist in me seems to have left town in favor of the working stiff.


gerfiles said...

I think I can see what you mean about this piece not really wanting to be batted + stitched... - had the same lamp situation, bought a cheap daylight lamp, which stank like a chemicals plant in China, so I gave it away...

Penny said...

Maybe once you've machine quilted it in the basics you could add some hand stitches here and there or along some of the seams.

Ann Brauer said...

Hi Deb,

I did the same thing with my old computer--argh!!!. Got a new keyboard which lasted for a while. Then death. Do back up everything. Then you are OK. I liked the image with your cat.

Not sure about the quilt from this perspective.

Good luck.


Jackie said...

Oooh don't! I live in fear of that evil phenomenon ...'Liquid ingress'.
(My son used to work in a phone shop....)

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Funny... I ate, drank coffee and water at my desk for years without ever spilling anything liquid on the keyboard! Lots of crumbs, but nothing wet! And I would be terrified to try and take one apart... much easier to just swap out with a new one!
As for the new piece, I know what you mean. I have a few I wish I had just stitched to a lightweight backing, but I think adding stitching and maybe some embellishments will bring life to this one! It definitely has potential, so don't give up yet!