Saturday, November 27, 2010

post holiday exercises

Relying on past experience, I'm going through the motions, groping for the spark.  To this end I'm trying to light both ends of the candle; hand and machine stitching both.

When something comes together and names itself, that alone will keep me going. That and the memory that several of my favorite hand stitched pieces started out staggering and unfocused. So it is for "Taken by the Night".

And below  just stealing edges from some of my favorite pieces of cloth figuring I won't miss a 3 inch strip down the line when I actually use the stuff in something.

I can't tell you the hours I spent shuffling these colors around only to come up with this. No doubt it will continue to grow. Ann Brauer makes it look effortless and elegant.

We had a marvelous Thanksgiving together, btw. I'm still suffering from a combination Turkey & Apple Pie poisoning.


Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

I love "taken by night". Fabulous palette and really nice how the light and dark fuse into each other. Look forward to seeing how this piece develops!

Phyllis said...

I love what you are doing here. The colors of the cloth also that you showed in the last photo is really wonderful. I am inclined to go back to my sewing machine too for stitching due to time constraints. I think it is okay, but I so love the look and feel of hand stitches.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am still munching away at leftovers.

jude said...

i am still in slow mode.

arlee said...

hmm, that top piece (which i like) is someone fighting her demons, isn't it?

Robin Olsen said...

I love the interplay of violet and yellow in "Taken by Night." Can't tell if its a fight or a dance, or maybe a little of both, going on, which makes it very intriguing.

sudhir said...

you have did very good hard work. i like it.