Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I'm still in the clutches of a cold and will probably hang on to the cough until sometime in March just like last year.

Although I got up full of piss and vinegar yesterday I made the mistake of tackling a long put off cleaning project.  And this on my day off! "Hoarders" is really getting under my skin.

It's not that bad but I was thinking that months and months of dust piled on stacks of books, CDs, mail and UFOs right next to my bed wasn't helping me get better. Digging it out an doing away with it may have set me back a few days but it's done now and the opposite corner beckons. Maybe Saturday. 

After a spell of rest, I settled into bed with this piece to see if some hand stitching could bring some light. After cross hatching a handful of the white shapes with full ply floss I realized that it was not going to help and picked it all out and fell back on the comfort and ease of crocheting with cotton.

Next for this one, and irrevocably, will come paint but not until I'm feeling more focused. My head is full of echoes and hollow places full of NyQuil fumes...


Karoda said...

i hope you get well way before March! healing vibes and prayers for you!

Heartwideopen said...

I know of several people who have this crud. My son has been fighting it for 2 weeks and finally got on antibiotics after it went into bronchitis. I'm sending healing thoughts and prayers your way!

;~) Debi

Peg said...

I hope you feel better soon, Deb! And I know what you mean about things collecting when you're not looking. I can carry in two bags of stuff, and carry out 5 bags of trash. What kind of wonky math is that?

jude said...

i know that feeling . ick .