Monday, November 29, 2010

steps in the right direction

After adding enough to call it good, plus a black & white border to rein it all in, I'll find a piece of batt big enough and machine quilt this one and call it done.

Spending time digging into Denise Schmidt's  more contemporary designs made me wonder about long arming and I  can see how someone, somewhere decided to take a quilt off the bed and hang it on the wall just to gaze at.

I'm still procrastinating about sewing these pieces together so I started a little oil crayon study that I'll elaborate on during my shift this afternoon.

I'll also be going through the stash and selecting juicy single, one of a kind pieces of cloth to post at
Random Acts of Dyeness.
I spent most of saturday morning learning the trick of adding PayPal buttons to the offerings there.
I hope I did it correctly! Please let me know  if I screwed this up!


Heartwideopen said...

I love the view and I ADORE the black and white border on the quilt. It's going to be gorgeous! In the bottom photo the cloth on the right is so yummy.

;~) Debi

Phyllis said...

The black and white border looks so great! I also love the small piece that you have on the wall in the right hand corner. Of course the kitty is the best too!

Personally, the long arm method of quilting just seems like work, not pleasure, but I suppose if you have lots of quilts to finish it might make sense.

Phyllis said...

My earlier comment did not get posted for some reason. Just wanted to say I love the combination of the black and white with those colors. Really nice. Also I love the piece you have hanging in the far right corner of the photo. And, last but not least, I am smitten with your kitty looking out the window.