Wednesday, November 17, 2010

reviving littlefeather

My quick fix for the Janome failed and it looks like I'll need a bobbin case too (it got "holed") so I've taken the Singer  Featherweight out to relearn the pleasure of using this machine.  A new needle a little oil and off we go. What a great stitch!  Now to tape off the feed dogs and see if I can get the freemotion going.

As I walked away from this scene, I heard that box of attachments hit the floor.

PS- pictures would have been nice but I forgot to take any! 
I was able to freemotion  some nice swooping spirals all around the border. Washed & dried it which caused it to plump, pucker up and look lived in, just as I wanted it to, and handed it over. Little feather is a dream to work with. Today I'm going to see if she fits down in the table and pack up Big J for a trip to the machine doctor after Holidays.


jude said...

oh, i wonder what happened?

nandas said...

well, of course you did! maybe you should have taped the feed dogs first! ha! and i have heard that you cando that with the feather but i haven't tried. i will come back to see...i have just found you through jude... i'll see you again!

Deb Lacativa said...

An old gift card with a tiny hole punched in the middle and taped to the deck worked perfectly. The little quilt now has great spirals all round an is in the washer for an integrity check.

Heartwideopen said...

She's saying, "do you see me NOW???"

Heather said...

Cats and sewing - two things I love best, but they just don't go together!