Monday, November 08, 2010


I stitched on this one between coughing and sneezing this weekend. I have a world class head cold and should probably sterilize it when it's done.

The Janome continues to puke up when I try to use the Sulky 12wt cotton so the white was very slow going.

I still can't help feeling that I have done these pieces of cloth a disservice using them this way, but I'll see it through to the finish I suppose.

Meanwhile, this one continues to tantalize me over my  shoulder and I am thinking over how I want to build this one before I start the same unsatisfying dance I'm in right now. Back to handwork on something this large? Maybe I have to experiment with a sail maker's needle and full weight embroider floss.


  1. slogging. that's a good one.

  2. 6 strands and an upholstery needle---yes:) it's the only way i go now through it all! and i see trumpets and saxophones in the right of the bottom

  3. Hope you're feeling better and that your 'slogging' will soon go away. Meanwhile I love the stitched piece - beautiful combination of colors.

  4. I love the dyed cloth on the right! Those colors just sing to me. I hope you feel better soon. I like the term "slogging". Very descriptive.

    ;~) Debi

  5. Anonymous8:50 PM

    just gorgeous


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