Thursday, April 19, 2012

great tool

When I took them up to the register and asked the price I can't recall if she said "69 or 88 cents each". All I could say was "I'll take them both!". I must have a half dozen measuring tapes snaking around the studio someplace not ever where I recall putting them.

A full 1.5" wide and .25" thick, this is an old school tool. If a teacher cut you a lick with one like this you would surely remember the lesson. These days, they would be jailed for assault.

With a tight, smooth grain I'll forgive the advertising and  store it over the door frame to keep it from warping or ask my resident carpenter to drill a hole so I can hang it up. 

Rush on down!


  1. Anonymous3:05 PM

    aren't simple, old-style tools the best?!!! I share your hunt-for-the-tape-measure routine!

  2. Hooray for the everyday yardstick and all the times it has come to my rescue in so many different projects.

  3. In a pinch they make nice hanging slats too.


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