Saturday, April 28, 2012


Here they are, forty or fifty half and third yard pieces of vintage damask of varying weights, a few pieces of high quality cotton muslin and a little linen. They will just be poaching out here in the sun until Friday. I've never set a lot of store by the notion of batching dyed goods; that is, giving them time to acquire color (or not). Several notable dyers have posited that whatever is going to happen will happen in two to four hours. Now we'll see what five days looks like.


  1. I don't batch either - my first dyeing experiments were "parfait" dyeing, and the instructions for that said 2 hours. Ever since, I do two hours for everything and have had the same results for all dyeing experiments.

    Looking forward to seeing what 5 days will do along with you. :)

  2. Nice that you can let it sit without concern for the results! Over time I have found that I get great results with LWI if I pre-soda soak for 15, then dye, then batch for an hour. Colors come out bright and satisfying consistently, as long as my inside temp is in the high 60's or more. Conversely, I had a couple of shirts that I ice-dyed last week, and didn't have time to rinse out until the next morning... same thing - colorful and just what I wanted!

  3. Interesting! I used to think the same, that they'd be done in 2-4 hours regardless, but I left my last batch overnight and they were undoubtedly better than usual. But would they have looked the same after 4 hours? I'll never know! My understanding is that anything containing turquoise needs to be left overnight, though I can't remember on whose authority I have that and whether I've ever proved it right or wrong. Will be interesting to see your results.


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