Monday, April 23, 2012

stalled and shivering

not my pictures...just the colors in my head.

After working on putting fabric sets together for the store, I find I'm woefully short on blues...unless there's a basket in here someplace that I've overlooked. The one bright blue I did find was a piece of silk..almost no damask. Oversight!
These are the colors I wanted to go after this weekend past but the whole dyefest is on hold until later in the week when the temps return to normal. It feels like February!

Instead, this morning I have a handful of entry calls to look at and hopefully act on. It's been too long since I've put my work out for public consumption. Short of draping a quilt over the trunk of my car and driving around town, no one would know what I do these days. Sometimes I wonder myself.

For those who have asked about  the writing- it is stalled because the story I was working on has come unmoored. I had no real plan in the first place and nothing annoys me more than a story that spins into dust and leaves me scratching my head and being pissed off.  I know I can think my way through the mystery maze to a satisfactory ending but there are so many distractions right now. I used to scoff at the notion that writers need to sequester themselves away, like a stint in stir, in order to get anything worthwhile written. No more.

 Which leads me to watching "Drive" yesterday afternoon which  I really liked on a lot of levels BUT..without spoiling it I'll say what I always tell my husband when we finish watching a film that didn't resolve well..."Hollywood- they musta ran out of money or coke."


  1. Lovely pictures. :) I'm working on a call for entry right now myself. AUGH. lol

  2. Anonymous12:06 PM

    I'd love to have a rummage around your head! What a fabulously colourful place it must be...

  3. just keep on keepin' on, as we used to say :)

    We liked Drive quite a bit as well---a rather understated performance except for those sudden flashes of extreme from Mr Reynolds, briiliant--didn't know if i should empathize or shudder


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