Monday, August 20, 2012

camera historica

Once upon a time I had a wonderful camera called the Canon Pellix. It had a very short focal plane which made it great for stills or portraits.  This was way back in the day when you took pictures and sent the film off to be developed and printed...days, weeks of waiting to see if you got what you thought you were shooting. I had no training and I can tell you for every one good shot there were six or more crappy ones.

 There were no manuals available. At the time it came into my hands the camera was already 30 years old. Over time in the heat and humidity of the south, the interior light meter failed and the mirror film inside became clouded. I could never find anyone who could repair it and gave it up to a collector in England. None since can compare. I can still remember what it sounded like when you pressed the shutter..zzzwuck-clikt.

Karma  about nine months old, in 96.


  1. the way things were....

  2. I had that camera too - same thing with the mirror - couldn't be fixed or replaced - great camera.

  3. Fabulous images!
    I have the same mirror shot with my white cat Aslan. Ah... the good old days!!


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