Wednesday, August 08, 2012

gambol and cavort


 I think I need to find some real live baby goats to draw. Still pictures are just not helping. They move so fast and seem to be going in several directions all at the same time..capturing that kind of energy is going to take some first hand observation.

There are heaps of cloth to cull, iron and stow, more raw cloth steeping in the sauce and there are a bunch of deadlines for venues that I am going to have to get serious about.

So what did this slacker do with her enforced idle time?  Updated my "Buy Art" page since I'm getting a lot of traffic generated by the show.


  1. These are really charmingd1 Hey, do you know Grace and her goats -

  2. Grace of the West and her Dados and my cat Karma are the inspiration for my B&W work...

  3. These are adorable!

  4. you are right about their speed,
    their Blurrrrr. but Deb, these
    are just UnBelievable. Just
    so so UnBelievably GREAT and
    wonderful and fine and loving and
    just right and and and and!!!!!!!!!
    i will TRY to get a pic of how
    their legs fling out sideways...
    only baby goats.....
    oh. just oh. i am so touched.

  5. the trick will be to make slow cloth appear to be greased black & white lightning

  6. I really love these images. They are delicate and so much fun... and mysterious.


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