Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Giveaway time!

Why wait for someone to copy my work (as if!) ...I did it mysef!

Inspired by something about making art accessible that floated through the info-waves and into my brain, I spent the morning cramming fabric into  a machine and pulling out these paper clones.  The detail is amazing - I'm so glad I remembered to bring the sticky roller in with me or you'd be marveling at the cat hair and cooties worked into the stitching.

This is an 11"x17" section of  one of the "grand rĂªves" printed on nice matte card stock and this one in the background .   While I do some research on archival inks and paper, signed and numbered copies and such, let's just have a giveaway with the proceeds of this day!

If you want to play email me  or leave a comment, which ever is easier,  and next Tuesday night I'll persuade Sweetie to pick two winners.

PS.. I recently discovered that blogger had decided on it's own to moderate who and how people could comment..I think I've whipped it into shape and will keep an eye out that there's no backsliding ....


  1. Beautiful...Brilliant!!!

  2. Gorgeous - wonderful color and detail - would love to know more about the printing process pls.

  3. cathy - stuffed it into the color copier at Kinkos Fedex

    1. no kidding - that's wild - never thought of that!!

  4. Anonymous1:13 PM

    gawd, i just spazzed out with my comment, so here I am again. Hope it doesn't show up twice!

    I love this, using all that labor, for one thing, to make another, differently beautiful thing.

    And you made me laugh with the hair/cooties comment.

  5. Oh wow it looks great in print format too!

  6. Fabulous!
    Can I join in??

  7. What a great idea! Since the odds of meeting up with you at a Braves/Mariners playoff game is slim to none (I always hold hope for the Mariners, but I live in the real world. LOL!) being able to look at your beautiful art would be fantastic!

  8. That is simply beautiful. I'd love to win and hang it on my wall.

  9. I am loving your hand dyes and what you are doing with them! This giveaway is a great way to share up close and personal when we can't actually be there ourselves!

  10. oh, i hope blogger is behaving now. i think i've been one of those who were not on the acceptable list off & on.
    this print is beautiful, i blew it up to drool over the details- that rose roundish shape w/starlike stitching around it....

  11. Hi Deb,
    beautiful work...hope I have a chance.

  12. ....what gorgeous prints of your gorgeous stitchings!!! Thank you for adding my name to the drawing!

  13. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Love the work and appreciate the chance to be able to hang it up for inspiration

  14. Omg.! I had bookmarked your site and finally got a chance to look around and stumbled onto this giveway. Even if I don't win, I'll consider myself a winner as I've gained a lot of inspiration on your site.! Will follow along your journey--I'm a fan of your work.

  15. Omg.! I bookmarked your site and just had a chance to look around and stumbled onto your giveaway. I love your handwork and will follow you more closely--you're very inspiring. Thanks.


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