Sunday, August 26, 2012

sweet sunday

I made the mistake of spreading this one out on the work table this morning and then turning my back for a moment. After I worked on it most of the morning I put it up on the design wall and Jake said to stick a fork in's done.

Then I headed out to the dye the colors were those of fantasy, dreams and superheros. These are destined for a series in the works.

There are several tubs with monsters sleeping too. Waiting for tomorrows washout.


  1. ha! mistakes made there! furfoots always know when it's time to have their contribution made to a piece! besides, if y'all hadn't gone out to dye some more, you may have run out of new pieces for the furfoot to imbibe with magical, purrific energy!

  2. Magical colors! I especially like the hot pinky-purple surrounded by the orangy yellow... one of my fave combos! Nice that you made a new bankie for Sweetie...


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