Saturday, August 11, 2012


2:45am and I'm wide awake in anticipation of several hours worth of thunderstorms passing through the area.
 If I am tired enough, maybe I will sleep through them but I doubt it. The air is so thick outside that the freight train announcing itself in the distance sounds more like an ocean liner bellowing for a tug out past the lights of the harbor.

I've found a way to stitch many marks, bold enough and quickly enough to use on large pieces - this passage is roughly six inches across - was done with six strands of floss, doubled  in a split chain and then wrapped with the same 12 really sits up and signals.

I stitched this while listening to/watching an hours worth of  "America in Primetime" on PBS. A dialogue about the nature of storytelling. It has me thinking of ways to bring the sprawl of this piece under control, get it talking.


  1. I've often wondered how to cover large areas too, and its held me back on some pieces--thank you for sharing this. the line is powerful and very illustrative

  2. and that's just white on I have to drum up the chutzpah to bring on the color.

  3. This must feel great! How'd the storm go? I think you've got the chutzpah :)

  4. the storm skipped over us...there was a sleep deficit the next day.

  5. Anonymous8:51 AM

    the hand is a beautiful gesture in stitch! thanks for telling us how you did it. love all the b&w photos in the next!

  6. Dee ! I swear until you just mentioned it I never noticed it as a hand...I always call these "Speed lines" got to wandering..


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