Thursday, August 02, 2012

makers mark

I made this piece back in May of this year and I need to find it in the stash..on the "mine" shelf, I hope. Something made me think about it today and I have a craving to make more along the river of this one. The Makers Mark.

Two big boxes were waiting for me when I got back from putting the finishing touches on the show. One from Dharma with some new-to-me colors, soy wax and a few yards of sheer silks and cotton, and a large box of beautiful double damask won from Ebay. These and the linens I picked up the other day  will have me  lost in  dye wonderland for the rest of the summer and deep into fall. 


  1. I think I love your work very much. It is not easy to see it just on photo's and to know if you love it. It's a pity I can't see it in real life.
    groetjes, Gerda

  2. thanks Gerda - it really is hard to tell about fiber art from web images. I take comfort in knowing that no one ever said the work looked WORSE in person, always so much better!

  3. This fabric touched me in some deep place. Really like it :)

  4. i remember fingerpaints

  5. I remember a blue hand print on a gold colored horse, the hand resisted the paint and let the gold show through.


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