Sunday, August 05, 2012

the cat house

After Friday night's excitement all I wanted to do this weekend was hide away and do the work - and so I did.

Had lot's of help in the studio. The words stitched into her quilt say "You can help by sleeping here"...of course it's the first time any cat has done what it was told since I made it five or six years ago.

She's being more than the usual Mommy's girl because a stray is lurking in the wings. We are putting up signs today because last week a tearful little girl bravely knocked on the door asking if we had seen her that point, no. But two days in a row a pretty little longhair with turquoise eyes has poked her bold head in the front door and eaten dry food from Juicy's bowl. With a cat door, for all I know, Little Stranger has been sleeping on the couch.

but right now...we are preparing for a DYE DAY!!  
Did you know cat hair is an essential ingredient!


  1. you really made me laugh about the cat hair ingredient. I know all about it. on anything I do my dear cat leaves her hair.

  2. The exhib looks great and yes your so right, cat hair is an essential ingredient is dyes..... food and the air that you
    I have only 2 now after years of cat rescue.
    Ive never had so few!!
    Good luck with the art work and the may be that cute little girl has chased the cat away with her enthusiasm.
    It may have come to your home for sanctuary!
    : )

  3. I have a regular visitor who comes thru the pet door to eat the kibble I keep in the patio room... she's been coming around for a couple of years now, and doesn't look stray. They just assume that they are welcome wherever they go! Better cats than skunks, I always say!

  4. evrything in the last 3 posts is soooo yummy!!!! your work...x...julia

  5. thanks Julia

    coming off a dry spell is good times


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