Friday, January 18, 2008

more slow cloth

Remember this Beastie? my little head cold and the impending snowstorm has inspired me to more slow needling. Of course, I'm about to run out of the colors I need. As ever, the alarmist news blabbers overkilt the weather and it's merely wet out. If there was any snow at all it didn't fall in this county. As soon as it opens, I'm off to JoAnns for more floss...wait, I'd better check with Jan first, she said she's got tons languishing.... Nope - no outings for nonsense. The snow finally started falling along with the temperature. For a day or so we will get some real winter.

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Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation they carry on the same way up here in frozen Cleveland, OH. Like we will die from starvation with 6 in. of snow on the road! Yikes, get over it, already.
Mary Ann