Tuesday, November 15, 2011

grey day mending

It's overcast and unseasonably warm today so I thought I'd take some time for stitching.
I'm following Jude's lead and putting a much missed breast pocket back on the Magic Invisibility Cloak. At first I couldn't find it, then I remember getting some shmutz on it and setting it aside to be washed.

Alas, it got scooped up in a wash day  frenzy and got pounded as in on a rock at the river with a load of jeans. Some of the damask and linen pieces have slipped their mooring stitches so some decorative and restorative work is in order.


Snail Cloth said...

The colors are intense. I like the wheat impression in the yellow fabric. Was that done on the sewing machine?

Deb Lacativa said...

That embroidery is a piece of Montmellick work from a vintage tablecloth...I cannot tell if it's done by hand (I suspect) or machine.