Friday, November 25, 2011

my not-black friday

This is how I am feeling this morning. I am so grateful to be off today from work. We had a great time yesterday, birds, biscuits and all. It's nice to have guests at the table during the holidays - makes me clean the house like nothing else. Between the cleaning, cooking and working a shift last night I am done in.

Except for tending my friend's cat family while she is away, I will not be leaving the house today. All this lunacy over shopping for a lot of crap that you have managed to live without for a whole year is just plain ugly.

I spent some time this morning  working on this with a little help from Voodoo. I unburied my beloved sewing chair in the studio the other day and sat sewing in the sunlight with a friend. Later....leftovers for everyone. He seems to know.


Nancy said...

I second this post! You said it just right!

arlee said...

i figure the black comes from falling down the black hole of debt--people are STOOPID

love having companionship when stitching though for me, it's usually a well placed dog schnorg in my lap!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

I totally concur! I had a delivery to make yesterday, and saw that the parking lot of the mall was packed at 9am... I hate crowds on any day, and really can't bear them when they are in shopping mode! Came home and started a new project with piles of stash everywhere, and hope to do more on it today. Hubby shopped for the grandkids online this year, and all the goodies are being delivered directly to them, so I don't even need to wrap and stand in line at the post office... woo-hoo!
Hope you enjoyed your day off...

jenclair said...

I've never "done" a Black Friday, but assume it is like an endurance sport, a marathon. There must be more to it than shopping for bargain prices.

Sitting in the studio, sewing in the sunlight with a friend...that sounds like my kind of day.

Deb Lacativa said...

I have to confess...I went out Saturday morning surprised that there was no one on the roads and the parking lot was empty.

I walked into the computer place with the item # written down on a piece of paper and handed it to the salesperson and told him to meet me with it at checkout. Done in 8 minutes.