Thursday, November 17, 2011

worked up over weather

I spent several HOURS looking for that gridded rayon that was the base for "Rêver 3" and finally unearthed it in the "safe" place I had stored it in. I've been wanting to start the next one in the series and last night fell asleep listening to "Diving Bell and Butterfly"   which prompted me to get on with it, stocking the basket with scraps for the project. Once I have the fourth in this series I may find a way to mount all of them together.

We spent most of yesterday morning under tornado warnings but were luckily passed over by the worst of the weather. The cats were all acting up and Karma insisted on having a ringside seat from the planter on the deck. Her senior moments and eccentricities keep us hopping and waiting on her hand and foot. Sweetie chewed on my right elbow while I finally put together the artists statement I needed for the one that's going to AQE12....99 words!

"Using vintage fabrics in my art is a constant and welcome reminder of the character and original purpose of this cloth - beautiful utility.Old damasks and linens take to contemporary surface design techniques,such as dyes and resists, in unexpected and satisfying ways.

This composition came about while waiting in my car in the winter sunshine outside the laundromat and observing several women inside go back and forth between heated arguing and companionable agreement as they watched their own laundry churning. "The fabrics of our lives" seemed to be the theme of the day for all of us."


jude said...

absolutely perfect.

Deb Lacativa said...

Yes, as cats go, she is.

Jeannie said...

Your artist's statement is perfect. Karma reminds me of my sweet Nels. I always wondered what he was thinking. He was in his own world and would start when I would bring him back to mine. Glad all is well with you. The weather does keep us on alert.

Hellenne said...

Love-ing this piece.

Nancy said...

Beautiful cloth and well-stated artists statement!
And I really like those baskets :)

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Glad the tornado passed you by! And your artist's statement is great... you told the story without overdoing it, and the piece is a wonderful example of your talent with thread, needle, fabric and dye! Karma cracks me up... my Shamus used to sleep belly up in a planter I had outside my kitchen window. Seems they like small compact spaces with dirt to nap in!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

this could not be better...
the cloth, the words,

together, just so very Fine.

seems to be the forever theme and
that feels good.

Judy Martin said...

The work, the work. Your work is wonderful.

The words are also perfect.

I also liked the longer version back about three posts - but one must be succinct and you are babe.