Saturday, November 19, 2011

self critiquing

From Robert Genn's  Painter's Keys, the latest article "How to critique yourself" has sparked a lot of interest in my circle of web acquaintances. Like any other lesson, I'm sure it's only useful if you actually implement it as intended.

  I was inspired to take a long view of what I have been up to by snatching up some four or five hundred or so images taken from all the blogging I've done (there's a speedy little tool for that) and you know how I love my eye candy.
Then I pared that batch down to just under 300 images that showed finished or nearly finished pieces.

Then I made three folders on the desk top. "What Was  I Thinking" (read with a sneer) , "Don't Care One Way or the Other", and "I Would Hang That on My Wall" .  Taking some more time to learn a movie making tool that came with my new laptop was good for a few hours aggravation, so here are the ones that made the cut.

I made the movie complete with music by Neil Young , the song timed by Windows Moviemaker to match the images ( or was it the other way around?)
...and yes, Neil, I liked it so much I paid for it.  Alas, YouTube has decided that paying for it wasn't enough and the music has been stripped away (but you can see and hear it here if you want but be warned, it's huge)

As for this whole process being an exercise in self discovery...that remains to be seen. It turns out that these images are in fairly accurate chronological order  and that's been a revelation of sorts. If you want to comment and Blogger gives you any kind of trouble, email me...and thanks!


arlee said...

would love to see that, but alas, it is tagged as private.

i shall have to read the letter--been hearing a lot about it everywhere :)

arlee said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that's such an affirmation of why i fell in love with your work so long ago :) nice to see the Guts again too :)

Judy Martin said...

Thank you for putting that hour of aggravation in so that we could have a review of your wonderful work.

Very inspiring and as I've said many times before - so free and easy.

such spirit in your pieces.


ant said...

Definitely full of W O W!!!! factor. Impressive portfolio, you should be very proud of your work -engaging, powerful, colorful, imaginative, and mysterious - everything ART should be! You have rung all the bells! Glad you perservered for the hour and got this film together for all to see and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

i downloaded it and watched it large twice. i'm not a critic, although i'm to that part in the artist's way that i had to name mine a few days ago....not seeing this about self critiquing it made me laugh a bit...

anyway so i don't "know" what i'm talking about but here is my response...having not seen the vast majority of these pieces....

what i feel about me when i watched.

childlike and filled with wonder over even the smallest parts.

the innocent, vulnerable, and most intensely human parts are ringing.

reminds me of the clear vision i had when i was small. without the muddled up messiness...before i became serious and complicated.

this is worry free...finding beauty in the ceiling paint, sidewalk cracks, and mud puddles.

sorry i've missed a couple of important posts...congrats on your acceptance into the latest exhibit.

much love. thanks for the show.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, I so enjoyed seeing your work in this way, totally inspiring and encouraging this one to get on with stitching! Many thanks.

Your work has such vibrancy, life and soul - wonderful, love it.

Bookhandler said...

Your work hints to me of many things (objects, people, feelings) without spelling them out. It's subtle. I'm trying to become less literal in my stuff, so I appreciate this review. Thanks!
I also find it interesting that there is a consistency in your work over time--which doesn't mean boring, but that you are true to your core self (whatever that means) and it just pops out honestly.