Saturday, February 25, 2012

mystery PITA crayons

I've just finished messing up my kitchen cooking up this batch of soywax+dyepowder crayons but I'm afraid they are going to be a big pain in the ass to work with. No wonder these pounds of  soywax crumbs were so cheap at Binders. Although the package said 'melts at 150 degrees'  it was a lot hotter than that and the wax is much harder, more brittle than the stuff I'm used to from Prochem whose website is unable to take credit card orders right now.

 Lord only knows if and how I will be getting this stuff out of the cloth when the time comes. I may have to set up the cannibal pot on the lawn instead of just rinsing the  stuff out in the sink with Dawn and hot hot water. Time will tell. The nifty mold comes gratis when you buy a dozen votives at Yankee Candle, it had a nice lid too but I cut it off as it was getting in the way.


Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

I'll be interested to follow your progress on this. I'm doing a lot of regular batik right now, but would love to be able to incorporate color without having to do dye painting followed by wax followed by dye painting! And if you need more soy wax before Prochem gets their problem resolved, Dharma Trading is where I get mine and it's great to work with.

Judy said...

I'm sure you already know that Jane Dunnewold sells wax that is blended to accept the dye powder - a simple recipe that really works. She also sells the molds......and she takes credit cards!
I have a rocket steamer, if you need help getting the wax out. I believe I'm just up the road from you - in Gainesville.