Monday, February 08, 2021

the lost nap

This Monday (which is really my Friday) churned into a flurry of mental activity early. Emails, phone calls, appointments, confirmations followed by a train of anxious "what ifs" and "what's that gonna cost?" 

I have one week to significantly overhaul my main website to let the world know I'm a writer, by the way. Promotional stuff is coming down the pipe.

And I have to write not one, but three back cover blurbs, one for each volume of the book. Silly me, I thought one was enough.

Good things, long-delayed got accomplished. Bailey will get to the vet for shots and worming. It's been so long since I've been there, I forgot the name of the damn placed and spent ten minutes worrying that the dear people might have retired. The best kitty docs!  I mapped the place and found them. Sheesh. 

Tomorrow, the dread phone replacement and Thursday, the ortho about my back - there's a big dread. 

So, at the appointed hour, I put my head on the pillow for the mandatory snooze that keeps me going until the end of my shift just after midnight. I closed my eyes and pretended I was sleeping. That usually works. Not today.  Instead, I lay there wondering:
Wouldn't it be smarter to hang a person up by their arms when you operated on their back? You know, stretch the spine out with gravity before you start putting in screws and shims or whatever. And how the heck do they get at the bones through the back? When all the bunged-up parts of the spine are on the bellybutton side? 

And how rife with Covid is the phone store going to be tomorrow? Shall I write my requirements on a slip of paper, leave it on the counter and wait outside? I can hold my breath for almost a minute. In the pool. 

And the chili cooking downstairs smells great but my eyeballs are sweating. Has he tinkered with my seasoning? And...and...

An hour went by and I never slept a wink. Coffee is my friend.

How's your Monday going?



grace Forrest~Maestas said...

I have added up my seed order 3 times
And gotten 3 totals.

Deb Lacativa said...

SEEDS! Something else that I've been fretting about. I read that the seed-eating birds are struggling this time of year so we bought a big bag of birdseed. The cats are smart enough to stay inside and I put the seed out in places where they couldn't lurk. Three days, no birds. Where are the poor things and how do I ring a dinner bell. Something was MOOING in the dark last night, not hooting, MOOING. I went outside with a flashlight. Nothing. I need the beach.

Liz A said...

the beach ... salt water cures all

Joanne S said...

It's been weeks since we have seen a bird. the feeders are full. Nothing.
We have prints across the snow in the back. something big. running.
While we were shoveling- silence. Like no one else is alive.