Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Aged and spiced


I got mine. Posed here on some of that Sicilian trousseau. The same dimensions as a modern business-sized envelope, I wonder what these pockets were intended for? Wedding cash?

There was a breeze in the night and this lot of loose loops was flipped off the table down to the dirt and detritus below the deck. I'm not the least bit pained.

But don't look for a repeat of this as a technique. I had to wash slug slime off the top one! God only knows what crawled over them or tasted them in the night.

I was looking for another set of stone and sand colors. Instead, I got dark deeds, old cemetery flowers, magic, and fading hope. 

The cousins are here.


CF said...

I have seen pockets/envelopes made from elaborate bed or table linens that were used for nylon stockings, silk lingerie, or other delicate trousseau/travel "niceties." What a treasure you have!

Joanne S said...

CF posted first but yes, stocking. So they didn't snag on anything.
I love the silvery color in the lower ones. A gift... and the slugs might have added some slug magic.
thought they are truly ICKY.

deemallon said...

Agree with Joanne. Slug (and dirt) must’ve added some element of magic!

Deb Lacativa said...

Of course! Given what I know of the former owner of these things, much of it predates the 30s. Real silk stockings were precious and would have been coddled this way. I'm not going to dye or cut them up. Will take some better shots to show the incredible details.