Thursday, June 03, 2021

those cloth envelopes

It's going to take more digging. I was all on board with the idea that these were intended to protect silk stockings and other delicates, 
but, on closer examination, each has a different monogram. 

I can't even make out what the letters are, the font is so elaborate. Any guesses.

The camera has brightened reality. They are yellowed a bit. I'm sure never used for whatever intended purpose.

 The stitches that join the sides together are so very tiny.

She made the nuns proud, I'm sure.


Nancy said...

Top photo, I see C B, with the fancy edge as the bottom of the letters. These photos and the last beautiful & delicate. Just lovely.

Liz A said...

fascinating ... I've never seen anything quite like it

Joanne S said...

Yes for silk stockings. Silk. and I believe the stockings were pressed with an iron so perfectly "new" each time. Jackie Kennedy liked her stockings to be ironed (pressed) there was something about that while she was living in the White House. And yes, nuns did do embroidery for wealthy families as a way to make money for the church.