Saturday, June 19, 2021

storm season

 Tropical storm Claudette will be on us soon. A week of clouds and rain, some heavy they say. The plants and wildlife around here are grateful. 

From the stitching chair, there was a brief splash of sun before the cloud cover solidified.  I held this piece of cotton up to the light and did my best to capture what my eye was seeing.

Some times there are pieces that you cannot cut, use, give away, or sell. This is one. 

I was folding and putting away all the cloth that's come of the latest dye sessions. Taking some time to make some order here in the studio and life in general. 

The store will be closed for a summer vacation. 

Writing and family stuff taking precedence for a while. One thing I've learned, cloth and thread are patient.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i am also always unsurprised by
changes of mind

yes...this cloth. its SELF ness is very much Enough

Deb Lacativa said...

Yes, Grace. We flow. I'm thinking about rounding up the few special pieces and making myself a personal fling. A dream shelter. Interestingly, they are all of the same kind of hand: a soft, durable, closely woven cotton. Sheeting? Maybe. Whatever it is, it loves my dyes.

Nancy said...

Gosh those colors! The brightness is gorgeous. Stay safe in the storms.

Liz A said...

"cloth and thread are patient" ... as are we

be safe ... be happy ... let it rain, rain, rain (but not too much)