Monday, June 07, 2021

Wheels redux


One more time, Jake has revived Jim's pickup. A major engine rebuild this time. Here's hoping we can wring another 100k mile out of it. It still has to be driven a bit, then pass emissions, then update the registration. All doable tasks, one at a time. 

I'm sure the neighbors are glad to see it put back together instead of up on jacks with its guts strewn about the driveway.

There's nothing like getting drunk on fragrance with my morning coffee. 

And this valiant little sunflower popping up in the middle of the venerable mother lavender. Only three feet tall and grinning at us already.
                    My small flower beds are coming on strong and summer has just begun. 

Of course, the water is still too cold for these old bones and the pump is having a small fit for itself. Issues. I know I'm going to hate it after the landscapers scalp away all that greenery, but it has to happen. That's poison ivy hanging over the back edge of the water.  I went to the grocery store for apples and came home with pool noodles.


Joanne S said...

when we visited friends in Florida I napped in the pool one noodle under my neck and a second under my knees. I returned to snowy Maine as brown as a walnut.

I forgot to plant sunflower seeds in the herb garden. I will do it today.

Deb Lacativa said...

I have sunflower popping up everywhere from the squirrels stealing birdseed.