Monday, June 21, 2021

Studio cleanup


Valiant effort yesterday. I can even see the navy blue carpet and most of the work table. 

The trouble started when I open the closet and took out the river basket. The intention was to empty my little project bag into the river basket, but both were already overflowing. So I start started weeding both out putting a good portion of each into the basket that I pick Fat Baggies from.

Then I got crazy.

 I made up a bunch of scrap bags each with two random skeins of Dirty Thread. Each mystery bag is $35 including postage in the US. Email me.

All that heavy weight linen I have, acres of it? None of it went into the scrap basket because it's not hand stitch friendly. Even after dyeing. I tested two squares and just gave up hand hemming them into kitchen towels. 

It takes the dye well. Would make good tote bags. But the plan is to break out that heavy duty Singer 99k and make a big deck sail. After the trees that loom over the pool are gone next week, it will hopefully give us some shade. I won't waste dye on it. 


Liz A said...

I just finished a "studio" cleanup (which requires attending to cloth, books, and "stuff" scattered throughout the house) ... what a relief

sail-making sounds like an end-result that will provide relief from the summer sun ... and I suspect that vagrant leaves (the good kind) will provide their own dye-work over time

Joanne S said...

Is that how I would ask for it at a store- a sail?
My back deck is a great place to sit but far too much sun- it's needs shade.
And I thought one of those "sail" things stretched over the deck would be perfect but no idea how to shop for one.

Hazel said...

Imagining stitching beneath a rainbow sail of your cloth with the sun shining through... pure delight.