Friday, November 12, 2021

Marketing in the dark

      Once upon a time (after a one-night stand) Paranormal Romance had a baby with Thriller. Being a dog, Thriller ghosted her. Knowing she was unfit for parenthood, PNR gave the child to Magical Realism and her mack daddy, Literary Fiction. In no time, they threw up their hands and gave up trying to contain the wild child genre and still haven't named her. Suggestions welcome. 

~~~signed, an author in a very dark marketing place.

"Take the green pill. Run with your eyes closed. Flap until you fly." DL


      Wrote this before coffee and after pondering a marketing webinar presented in so much jargon that I have to re-enroll in the dummies level class to make sense of this one. I just want to sit on a bench and read it aloud to small groups. That being said, I've tentatively arranged a signing/reading at a local bookstore, Phoenix & Dragon. No time for the willies and it's a wonderful place just wallowing in good vibes. As to what I might be reading, that's going to take some study. 

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