Saturday, November 20, 2021

moving on


Still my favorite mood lifter-driving. I don't need to speed to get the mind groove correction., but this little stretch of parkway maybe a mile from home begs for it. Late at night, I can hear the rice racers winding up and letting it out with the occasional wail of sirens for flavor.

I'm starting to think about the ocean again. The Gulf of Mexico is only six hours away. 
Plans are good. 

Words are starting to flow again. It's all good. 

If the weather kept you from seeing the recent eclipse, here's Colin's capture from the airport. I wish I'd forced myself out in the cold to see it live. taken my Tarot cards out for a moon bath, but it was near freezing by the time he got this shot.



Liz A said...

I couldn't find the moon the other night ... Don finally did, peering up and out of a window on the far west side of the house ... it was clearly eclipsing but incredibly small ... I gave it up and went back to bed

thanks to Colin for this amazing image ... a madder moon in all its glory

Nancy said...

What a great photo!! I'm glad you are feeling the flow these days.

CatherinE said...

I love the moon photo - no viewing here, it was pouring rain. It's such a beautiful color!