Saturday, November 27, 2021

the slog

I really wanted to sit with cloth and thread today - any day this week - but there's been no time, and due to a very graceful, slo-mo fall I took last week, my right shoulder is complaining about lifting and holding anything, even a threaded needled,  for more than a few seconds at a time. Typing is doable. 

These days, a big chunk of a writer's time has to be given over to things that used to be handled by a publisher, if you were lucky enough to land one. On the front end, among many other things, editing ( I feel, yah, Dee). And on the back end, marketing. (I wonder just how many of those commas were in the right place?)

Before I forget, today is the last day you can get all three e-books of Prophets Tango for free

The 'Zon lets us run a sale like this once every 90 days and for those of you who don't know, writers still earn money based on the number of pages read. No king's ransom, but I'll take it. So we take this gamble if we think we've written a page-turner. I can't imagine reading a book that wasn't. 

Yes, I've rented my soul to the devil (Amazon) for a second ninety-day hitch. A commitment that keeps me from selling books elsewhere, but it's about the only way a self-published author can make any waves these days and there are a lot of friggin' fish in the sea. 

So this whole week, which I really only picked out of the blue, has been a study in timing. Between tending Charlie (who gifted me this lovely cold), prepping, and cooking for Thanksgiving, I've been haunting the

web, dropping links, sending emails, yadda yadda yadda. And lest we forget, the night job at the whine mine, no days off for the holiday. 

I am so ready to crawl into a hole on a beach and just wait for high tide. 

Christmas decorations? Shopping? Fuggedaboutit for now.

How do you like my solution for not being able to lift the bird in order to make gravy? 


Joanne S said...

So, okay, what happens when the bird makes more juice?????

I was just walking to the mailbox a week ago and my right knee made a funny sound. It's not been fun since.

I mentioned your book to the library. My library. I gave some specifics of the genre.
There was a spark of interest. We'll see. I know a library book doesn't generate more than one sale,
but I usually buy library books I like reading.

Angie said...

So glad you mentioned your books on Amazon. I had already purchased Book One, so now I have all three. Can't wait to start them.
Actually, that's a brilliant solution for the drippings from the turkey! :D

Deb Lacativa said...

Thanks, Angie. Hope you enjoy the whole ride and be sure to email me when you finish so I can send the Epilogue!

Joanne! Yikes. It would be grand if libraries acquired PT, but I think their community standards might reject it. Sex, drugs, rock'n'roll, you know. Somebody has to read them first, don't they?

As for the turkey trick, I've had to do it before when the bird was even bigger. this one was only 22lbs. We EAT turkey. To get the last of the juice, I shoved my pizza paddle under the bird and tilted the pan forward just enough to drain dry. It had already been resting. At that point, Colin got home and hoisted the thing out of the oven. The cats are rejoicing.

Joanne S said...

You would be surprised at the content of some of the books I have checked out at MY library.
And it might not be my library that buys your books but it might be a nearby one. Auburn.
They have a vast and very very flexible community standard. Yep.
The Paranormal stuff is what lit up the eyes of the library person I spoke to.