Sunday, May 15, 2022

Day 2- more dirty thread


There was a clutch of thread skeins that I didn't get to the last time I was making dirty threads. Today they partied with the vintage cloth.

I should have shown how this goes from step one, but here's the reveal. 

Some of these I call over-cooked, colorwise, but I shouldn't rush to judgment. Cloth and thread always appear darker and more intense when they are wet.

These should wash and dry out to some nice strong colors.


Joanne S said...

I love thread from the Dark Side if they don't wash out.......... almost black with a hint of something else.
I love that photo of the intense colors in the cloth.....yummy.

Unknown said...

I have struggled to get my mojo back for over a year. Sold my home, moved to simpler living, retired. And now accepting and going through the process of surprise health issues. I am in love with your fabrics and threads and creative process. I wait for you to offer your threads and cloth. Just to hold them, admire the beauty. Your posts bring joy and inspire me. Thank you for sharing them in all their gloriousness!