Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Dirty Threads!


And there's a bunch. Plenty to go 'round.

Some changes. 
I won't be posting photos of sets, it's just too time-consuming. Most of you have trusted me to choose for you, so I'll be starting there.

The hanks will be coming this way as I won't be winding them onto cardboard bobbins (I'll send them along until I run out). I'm sure everyone can handle that part of it. Or should I make a video?

I'm experimenting with new packaging options - kicking those floppy old plastic bags to the curb.

Each skein is still 11 yards of DMC six-strand cotton hand-dyed with Procion MX dyes. 

A set of FOUR skeins is 23.00 which includes postage in the US. 

Sorry, I'm still not risking the PO boogie for international shipments.

I'm having issues with receiving electronic payments so checks or money orders will be the way to pay. You were wondering what you were going to do with all those checks anyway, right?

I'll be moving all these details to the shop page shortly.

There is still not enough hand-dyed cloth to offer for sale, but I'm thinking of making up some smaller kits that include thread and cloth.  Just a taste to get you hooked, if you already weren't. 

 And thanks for all the interest. 

Questions? email me.


Els said...

Ahhhhhhh . . . !

Liz A said...

it's so different to see them in hanks rather than gathered on cards ... fascinating

Deb Lacativa said...

It is. Winding them onto the cardboard bobbins was nearly compulsive. A skein that looks like a loser wound up being a wonder every time. Like a butterfly climbing out of a gnarly cocoon. Hardly makes sense but, there you have it.

Karen said...

I received my beautiful threads this week and they are spectacular. I love to sew with these threads. They are a great addition to my stitching projects. Thanks!

Vickie Kosarik said...

I will most likely braid my skeins and tie the end with a ribbon. The cut at one end of the skein should leave a perfect length of thread for stitching. You can easily pull thread from the braid top straight up and out without anything getting tangled. Plus the braids are beautiful in and of themselves.