Friday, May 20, 2022

Summer still new

There was a Spring this year. Brief, flirty, but we had it. 
The heat and humidity snuck up on me yesterday.  I've had a cold for a couple days - sneezing and runny nose are the extent of it. Not enough of a bother to get tested since I live like a hermit and still mask if I have to go out. 

This may be the best investment in good clean fun that I've ever made. 

Everything flourishes. I have sunflowers for the first time. Now all I have to do is keep the climbers from strangling them. A daily battle with a potted garden.

There is a ton of dyed cloth. Enough to go around for a long time. I still haven't done up the muslin for my summer dresses so there will be at least one more round of dyeing.

School is almost over here. Charlie went in the pool for the first time yesterday. 15 minutes and his lips were blue but still, he had to be dragged out. It's going to be a fun summer.

All of this busy-ness is a distraction from a clutch of admin-type stuff that I'm not doing. You, know, wills, taxes - that sort of nonsense.

One accomplishment has me all full of self. Finding a tolerable new. local primary care doctor/facility. Bloodwork all came back astounding normal. My health coach, a charming leprechaun of a boy, wants me doing cardio in a pool somewhere to spare my miserable skeleton.

So, we will swim till we sweat  WHEN the temperature comes around. Sushi replaces the roast beef hero, ginger ale traded for seltzer, and some vitamins for slightly elevated triglycerides. 

There are still books to write, cats to herd, a child to see raised. Life.



Joanne S said...

Getting older. Getting healthy. Getting smarter. Getting more beautiful.
The Wheel of Life is sometimes like a Ferris Wheel with all those sparkling lights and a fresh look at the surroundings from way up in the Sky..

Wish I had a pool. God- it would be So Freezing Cold!!!!!!

Deb Lacativa said...

I doubt I will be able to get in until next week. Numb is not a good way to swim.

Nancy said...

I'm really good at Not Doing my will. The pool is looking good!