Wednesday, December 26, 2012

home made!

Ok,  haste made for hilarity!

 Here's the chef and his custom made apron (and evil assistant) now that the pocket has been  sewn back on the FRONT of the apron (below the J)  instead of the back where it was when he first opened my gift.  There was much jesting about what he might stash in the pocket in it's former position.

And speaking of home made, a new Lacativa joined the tribe on Christmas day. Landon Vincent Lacativa is Jim's brother's first grandchild. Mazel Tov to the families!


Anonymous said...

love the apron, and that big black furry thing in the corner of the picture. Forget it's name, but I see that IT is no longer shy, but out and one of the family now. Great picture of Jim...he looks like a MASTER CHEF!

Anonymous said...

oops - meant to also say CONGRATULATIONS ON THE FIRST GRANDNEPHEW for Jim [think the baby would be a grandnephew?????]
sweet little bundle of joy for sure.

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