Saturday, December 15, 2012

holiday prep

I was predictably unhappy with the holiday stamps this year, again. I should stop complaining and submit my own designs but lord only knows what hoops the government puts artists through!
 That being said, I decided it was time to stop hoarding the postage stamps I've been hanging on to all these years. Buying whole sheets of new issues is a habit I picked up from my mother but I have been very discriminating about what stamps I purchased. Rosalie had a long career in the Post Office and always purchased full sheets of whatever new issues for her "collection" but I think when you stuff things in various drawers and boxes after acquiring it,  it is really called "a hoard". I have no idea what became of all her stamps, probably still in a box in someones attic. I've decided to put mine to work on envelopes to people who will appreciate the gorgeousness.  You know who you are.

I also found where I put the boxes of lovely Christmas cards that I bought so cheaply the week after the holidays last year but one of the older boxes was filled with pictures. That's a typical hoard in my house; boxes and envelopes of prints are everywhere.

Here's Rosie visiting with us not long after we first put in the pool in '98. She loved nothing better than hanging out in the sun at any pool or beach she could find. Her signature scent: Hawaiian Tropic.
Mom reveled in Christmas and now that she's gone there is a hollowness to the holidays.

Also in the same box, a shot of agriculture workers at harvest time in, COLORADO...Yeah. That's were they were, Colorado. Or was it Washington??


Heather said...

Such an interesting life you have led! I just had a good browse through some of your recent posts. The black and white quilt is very ambitious and promises to be great, singing with scraps of colour. And the cephalapod is wonderful.

Deb Lacativa said...

Me? I'm a fat hamster on her wheel! But the cloth stuff helps. Glad you like the recent stuff, I'm on a tear I think.

arlee said...


Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

I love the Bette Davis stamp... reminds me of my hairdresser, who looks a lot like that picture!

Anonymous said...

love the photo of your MOM in bathing suit - she cuts a impressive figure in that suit suit...hubba hubba
as for the aggie workiers, exactly WHAT are they harvesting???????lolol
Love your trips down memory lane, hynotic...